Graduate School of Physics and Chemistry 2020. Deadline for applications August 28th 2020


Organizers are accepting applications for October 2020. To apply, please review the requirements for admission and then send a single zip file containing all the required documents by email to

The subject of your email should read either “PHYSICS topic1, topic2”, where topic1, topic2 are topic numbers from the list of physics topics, or “CHEMISTRY topic1, topic2” with the topic numbers referring to the list of chemistry topics. Here “topic1” refers to your chosen topic, while “topic2” is an optional “backup” choice.

The application deadline is the 28th of August. The interviews will be scheduled starting the following week.

The Graduate School of Physics and Chemistry was established in 2019 by the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) and the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (ICHTJ). Its goal is to leverage the expert knowledge of both institutions and take advantage of the resulting synergies to provide a coherent offer for individuals wishing to pursue a doctoral degree. We build on the many years of experience in running graduate-level education and research programs at both institutions separately.While the School is uniquely focused on Nuclear Physics and Chemistry, we also offer a wide range of options for undertaking cutting-edge research in other areas of the Physical Sciences leading up to a Ph.D. degree in Physics or Chemistry.

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