1st NOMATEN Winter School

Modeling of the behaviour of materials under irradiation

November 16-19, 2021 (Société Géologique de France, 77 Rue Claude Bernard, 75005 Paris)


Scope and objective of the School

The European NOMATEN project, launched at the end of 2019, aims to support the structuring and scientific influence of the NOMATEN Center of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to multifunctional materials for industrial and medical applications, created in Poland at the end of 2018. To support the training of new generation of young polish researchers (education programme) and to boost the growth of NOMATEN CoE capacity to implement and manage research programmes, a first autumn school is organised by CEA. This first school, related to materiall sciences, will take place in Paris and will focuse on the modeling and the simulation of the behaviour of materials under irradiation with also confrontations with experimental approaches. It is design for PhD and post-doctorate students, researchers in priority from NOMATEN and also from NCBJ, VTT and CEA. Lasting 4 days, the school includes a session (1st day) dedicated to reminders and/or upgrades in the form of courses given by experts from CEA and VTT mainly but also from NOMATEN CoE. A second session (2nd & 3rd days) is dedicated to scientific communications from CEA, VTT and NOMATEN/NCBJ researchers. The school is ended by the visits of selected CEA Saclay facilities.

Winter School group photo at the venue in Paris

Scientific Committee

CEA: Jean-Luc Béchade, Christophe Gallé, Frederic Dollé

NOMATEN – NCBJ: Mikko Alava, Paweł Sobkowicz, Jacek Jagielski, Jacek Gajewski, Marcin Brykala

VTT: Maria Oksa

Organization Committee: Christophe Gallé, C. Prouilhac, Jean-Luc Béchade, Frederic Dollé

Poster session day 2 Visit at CEA - Saclay Nuclear Centre, hot cels lab

Opening session of the Winter School day 1 Communication session day 1



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