Papers published by NOMATEN's Team Members

No. Authors Title Periodic Reference Date (YYYY/MM)
1 A. Azarov, A. Kuznetsov Energetics, migration and trapping of Zn interstitials in ZnO Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 52, 485103
2 A. Azarov, A. Galeckas, C. Mieszczyński, A. Hallén, A. Kuznetsov Effects of annealing on photoluminescence and defect interplay in ZnO bombarded with heavy ions: crucial role of the ion dose Journal of Applied Physics 127, 08 January 2020, 025701 2020/01
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4 A. Kosińska, J. Jagielski, M. Wilczopolska, D. M. Bieliński, I. Jóźwik, Ł. Kurpaska. K. Nowakowska-Langier Study of the electrical properties of ion irradiated polymer materials Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 38825, April 2020, 125562 2020/04
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7 M. Clozel, L. Kurpaska, I. Jóźwik, J. Jagielski, M. Turek, R. Diduszko, E. Wyszkowska Nanomechanical properties of low-energy Fe-ion implanted Eurofer97 andpure Fe Surface and Coatings Technology Volume 393, 15 July 2020, 125833 2020/07
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14 L. Nowicki, J. Jagielski, C. Mieszczyński, K. Skrobas, P. Jóźwik, O. Dorosha McChasy2: new Monte Carlo RBS/C simulation code designed for use with large crystalline structures Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B vol 498, pp 9-14 2021/07
15 F. J. Dominguez-Gutierrez, J. Byggmästar, K. Nordlund, F. Djurabekova, U. von Toussaint Computational study of crystal defects formation in Mo by machine learned molecular dynamics simulations Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 202 2021/04
16 M. Kalinowska, E. Gołębiewska, L. Mazur, H. Lewandowska, M. Pruszyński, G. Świderski, M. Wyrwas, N. Pawluczuk, W. Lewandowski Crystal structure, spectroscopic characterization, antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of new Mg(II) and Mn(II)/Na(I) complexes of isoferulic acid Materials 2021, 14, 3236 2021/7
17 M. Alava Crossover of Failure Time Distributions in a Model of Time-Dependent Fracture Frontiers in Physics, Volume 9, 2021 2021/6
18 F. J. Dominguez, S. Papanikolaou, A. Esfandiarpour, P. Sobkowicz, M. Alava Nanoindentation of single crystaline Mo: Atomistic defect nucleation and hermomechanical stability Materials Science & Engineering A, 826 (2021) 2021/8
19 Rong-Guang Xu, Hengxu Song, Yongsheng Leng, Stefanos Papanikolaou A Molecular Dynamics Simulations Study of the Influence of Presrain on the Pop-In Behavior and Indentation Size Effect in Cu Single Crystals Materials 2021, 14, 5220 2021/10
20 Karol Frydrych, Kamran Karimi, Michał Pecelerowicz, Rene Alvarez, F. J. Dominguez - Gutierrez, Fabrizio Rovaris, Stefanos Papanikolaou Materials Informatics for Mechanical Deformation: A Review of Applications and Challenges Materials 2021, 14, 5764 2021/10
21 S. Papanikolaou, M. Alava Direct detection of plasticity onset through total-strain profile evolution Physical Review Materials, 5, 083602 2021/8

Monika Kalinowska, Hanna Lewandowska, Marek Pruszyński, Grzegorz Świderski, Ewelina Gołębiewska, Kamila Gryko, Julia Braun, Monika Borkowska, Magda Konieczna, Włodzimierz Lewandowski

Co(II) Complex of Quercetin–Spectral, Anti‐/Pro‐Oxidant and Cytotoxic Activity in HaCaT Cell Lines

Applied Sciences 2021,11(19) 2021/10
23 Valery Radchenko, Alfred Morgenstern, Amir R. Jalilian, Caterina F. Ramogida, Cathy Cutler, Charlotte Duchemin, Cornelia Hoehr, Ferrid Haddad, Frank Bruchertseifer, Haavar Gausemel, Hua Yang, Joao Alberto Osso, Kohshin Washiyama, Kenneth Czerwinski, Kirsten Leufgen, Marek Pruszyński, Olga Valzdorf, Patrick Causey, Paul Schaffer, Randy Perron, Samsonov Maxim, D. Scott Wilbur, Thierry Stora, Yawen Li Production and Supply of a-Particle–Emitting Radionuclides ½AQ1 for Targeted a-Therapy THE JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Vol. 62 No. 11 November 2021 acceptef for publication


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