Kamran Karimi

Research focus: 

Statistical and Computational Physics, Plastic flow, Brittle Fracture, Rheology of Yield Stress Fluids, Statistical Seismology, Stochastic Modeling of Earthquakes

ML expertise / Scientific Expertise: 

computational/statistical libraries in Python

  1. Scikit-learn for linear (multivariate) regression, classification, and cluster analysis

  2. Pandas for data management, 

  3. Numpy/Scipy for linear algebra and optimization problems

Relevant publications: 
  1. Karimi, Kamran, David Amitrano, and Jérôme Weiss. “From plastic flow to brittle fracture: Role of microscopic friction in amorphous solids". Phys. Rev. E, 100:012908, Jul 2019
  2. Karimi, Kamran and Jean-Louis Barrat. “Correlation and shear bands in a plastically deformed granular medium”. Scientific reports, 8(1):4021, 2018
  3. Kamran Karimi, Ezequiel E. Ferrero, and Jean-Louis Barrat. “Inertia and universality of avalanche statistics: The case of slowly deformed amorphous solids”. Physical Review E, 95(1):013003, 2017