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The research performed at NOMATEN CoE covers both experimental and modeling aspects of materials science and engineering. We deal with materials synthesis (spark plasma sintering, arc melting), characterization (electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction) and testing (mechanical, thermal, corrosion properties). We perform simulations at scale ranging from atomistic to component levels. On top of everything, we apply state-of-the-art artificial intelligence methods, e. g. for defect detection, process optimization and even natural language processing in specific materials science contexts.
The CoE NOMATEN Materials Research Laboratory offers research and engineering problems solving using advanced and unique research infrastructure in following areas:
  • NDT testing of materials and welded joints with accredited procedures
  • Macro- and microstructure characterization and metallographic analyses with
    LM, SEM and TEM techniques
  • X-ray diffraction phase analysis
  • Mechanical testing of materials with accredited procedures
  • Nanohardness testing
  • Thermal properties testing
  • Chemical composition and elemental analysis
  • Synthesis of PVD layers and coatings
  • Analysis of thin layers and coatings with Raman spectroscopy
  • Surface modification of materials with Ion implantation techniques
  • Engineering consulting in the field of Materials ScienceSurface Engineering,
    Corrosion ScienceHeat Treatment Technologies of metals and alloys.
The CoE NOMATEN Materials Structure, Informatics and Function group offers:
  • Software solutions, tuned to individual needs of datasets (based on Mati
  • Precise state-of-art estimates for non-trivial (electro/chemo/physio/mechanical/irradiation) parameters of large component FEM models for complex, heterogeneous materials that are tested in standardized forms.
  • Precise identification of material failure origins, based on multiscale modeling and statistical analyses.
  • Anomaly detection software (AI) fine-tuned to individual needs.
  • Computer vision software (AI) fine-tuned to individual needs.
  • Insights for Large Data using custom Machine Learning techniques, utilizing numerous machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.
  • ChatBots tuned to individual needs of datasets, using large language models and transformers.


Brochures 2023

Functional Properties of Materials: Research Brochure NOMATEN 2023 (download)

Materials Complexity: Research Brochure NOMATEN 2023 (download)

Materials Characterization: Research Brochure NOMATEN 2023

Materials Informatics, Structure and Function: Research Brochure NOMATEN 2023 (download)

NOMATEN Annual Report 2022 (download)



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