Welcome to NOMATEN – Foreword from the Director Mikko Alava

We are here facing exciting times: the start-up and growth period of a new Center of Excellence. For this unique opportunity the thanks are due to the EU H2020 Teaming action awarded, our international partners, the Polish research system and in particular the Foundation for Polish Science.  In the very near future, we shall recruit the NOMATEN leaders, the persons to start, shape, and guide the groups that will be core of the CoE. The research that will come out of this will be of the CoE quality. I, from personal experience, expect that it will lead to more and more synergy effects among the groups that will start and as they find their role in the international research landscape for advanced multifunctional materials.


Centre of Excellence

Strategic research and innovation topics



Mikko Alava Director of CoE NOMATEN
Prof. Mikko Alava


Prof. Paweł Sobkowicz Director for Scientific Operations of CoE NOMATEN
Prof. Paweł Sobkowicz


Prof. Jacek Jagielski TEAMING Project Coordinator
Prof. Jacek Jagielski


Barbara Paprocka Hospitality Manager
Barbara Paprocka


Magdalena Jędrkiewicz HR Partner
Magdalena Jędrkiewicz