Welcome to NOMATEN

Foreword from the Director

NOMATEN is a new Center of Exellence. Our strength derives from the fundamental support we receive from the EU to the Teaming project partners to the Foundation for Polish Science to the "home institute" NCBJ. However our greatest strength and asset is the people we welcome and employ. The growth of the NOMATEN CoE may only take place in a team atmosphere, where our employees, whether scientists of various career stages or supporting personnel, feel at home and thrive. I thus welcome all future NOMATEN persons. Best wishes Director of Nomaten prof. Mikko Alava

Prof. Mikko Alava

Welcome toNOMATEN

You (hi)story at NOMATEN is just starting.

We make you feel familiar with us . We want you get know about our organizational culture and our values.

To make your life easier we give you useful information here: (welcome kit pdf)

You can see a short description of activities for the next 3 months: First day, First week, 90 days