Joint (co-tutelle) PhD position in materials science (fracture) of complex metal alloys

Friday, April 15, 2022

Joint (co-tutelle) PhD position in materials science (fracture) of complex metal alloys

We are looking for a candidate for a 3-year PhD in the fracture of complex alloys. This is a collaboration between CEA/Saclay, France (Daniel Bonamy and his team) and the NOMATEN Center of Excellence, Poland (Mikko Alava and other groups). The project is about the application of statistical physics to the experimental fracture of modern complex alloys. High-Entropy Alloys and other such materials offer the potential for enhanced fracture properties and the physical metallurgy / statistical mechanics perspective is that of disorder control or disorder design.

The applicant is intended to participate in a joint proposal for a co-tutelle grant from Univ. Paris-Saclay, co-financed by NOMATEN and share his time at both institutions. In the eventual case of the proposal not being financed we shall exploit other funding possibilities.  Candidates interested in or with a background in physics and materials science of fracture or complex alloys are encouraged to apply. In the long run there are collaboration opportunities with other groups, including modelling and theory support.

Both in France and in Poland we pay a competitive PhD student salary and for the collaborative and other scientific travel there are ample resources available.

Instructions to applicants

Required documents:

  • letter of interest
  • CV
  • the contact data of 1-2 reference persons

All applications should be sent by e-mail to the future supervisors:  and


Application deadline: April 15th, 2022

For contact and information, and

We reserve the right to contact only selected candidates and the right to inform about the decision to fill the post only to the selected candidate.