The group will investigate the methods of radioisotopes manufacturing and their integration into new medicines that will be use in diagnostics and therapy. Thank to the POLATOM Radioisotope Centre based in the premises of the National Centre for Nuclear Research, the NCBJ is the world class radiopharmaceuticals’ producer. NOMATEN will take advantage on its’ team and infrastructure in order to help develop the research on such nuclear medicines.

Leader: Marek Pruszyński PhD, DSc, Professor (0000-0001-8835-2462)

Marek Pruszyński

Marek Pruszyński studied at the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry at the University of Bialystok. In 2008, he received a PhD title at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (IChTJ) in Warsaw and in 2019 a habilitation (DSc) in chemistry and associate professor position at IChTJ where he is a Head of the Laboratory of Radiopharmaceuticals and Cellular Research group. Since May 2021 he is an associate professor at the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) and a Research Group Leader of the Radiopharmaceuticals group at the NOAMTEN Centre of Excellence at the NCBJ

He has been a Principal Investigator of several projects funded by Polish agencies: National Science Centre Poland, The National Centre for Research and Development, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. He received scholarships from Polish-US Fulbright Commission (2006) and International Atomic Energy Agency (2007).