2021 in numbers: 19 new hires, 26 scientific events, 12 papers in top periodics

Warsaw, Poland

2021 in numbers: 19 new hires, 26 scientific events, 12 papers in top periodics

The Center of Excellence has now become an actual center, with 5 research groups in action. The second year of our existence has been one of quick growth in spite of the global pandemic crisis, which has affected research very much. The lack of international mobility and exchanges has so to speak been substituted with hard work in the offices and laboratories. For NOMATEN, this is a well-working recipe as the steps to build up a real research environment do depend on the individual and joint effort of our staff.

We should also acknowledge the institutional support of the National Center for Nuclear Research, hosting us as an operationally independent department. Likewise, the Teaming partners CEA (France) and VTT (Finland) have been – however virtual – supportive and encouraging external “team members”. The CoE is firmly backed by the funding of the Foundation for Polish Science and is under the umbrella of an International Scientific Committee headed by prof. Sergio Bertolucci.


New hires: 19 professionals joined NOMATEN

In 2021 NOMATEN strenghtened the scientific capacity and attracted new professionals that allowed us to launch the full range research at 3 groups

In 2021 NOMATEN hired 19 new researchers, including 2 Research Group Leaders: Iwona Jóźwik (Materials Chracterization) and Marek Pruszyński (Radiopharmaceuticals). Nevertheless, this large group of scientists joined Materials Characterization and Functional Properties teams most of all, however, the Radiopharmaceutical research group has been established as well.

New hireas in the 1st half of 2021

dr Witold Chromiński (Technical and Research Specialist) since 01.02.2021

Małgorzata Frelek-Kozak (PhD student) since 01.02.2021

Kinga Suchorab (PhD student) since  01.02.2021

Katarzyna Mulewska (PhD student) since 01.02.2021

Agata Zaborowska (PhD student) since  01.02.2021

dr Karol Frydrych (postdoc) since 01.03.2021

Axel Poisvert  (PhD student) since 01.03.2021

Artur Olejarz (PhD student) since.03.2021

dr Maciej Zieliński  (postdoc) since 08.03.2021

dr Karman Karimi  (postdoc) since.04.2021

dr hab. Marek Pruszyński (RGL - Radiopharmaceuticals) since 01.05.2021

dr Tero Makinen (visiting scientist) since 01.06 till 30.11.2021

New hires in the 2nd half of 2021

dr Iwona Jóźwik  (RGL – Materials Characterization)  since 1.10.2021

dr Sri Tapasawi Nori (postdoc) since  01.11.2021

dr Anna Krzyczmonik (postdoc) since  01.11.2021

dr Ryszard Diduszko since 01.11.2021

Anna Kosińska since 01.11.2021

Magdalena Wilczopolska since 01.11.2021

Amil Aligayev  (PhD student) since 21.12.2021


NOMATEN Winter School in Paris


Community building and research outcomes disseminating

In 2021 NOMATEN performed 26 on-site, on-line and hybrid seminars  and events, including the Winter School 2021 Materials behaviour under irradiation hosted in Paris by CEA

Although the pandemic affacted strongly the way scientists attended the seminars and conferences, NOMATEN performed 25 scientific seminars and hosted big names of the contemporary materials science: prof. Dierk Raabe, Nick Jones, Jerome Weiss and many others. In addition, on Autumn we decided to launch a new seminar’s sub-format called NOMATEN Junior Seminars and dedicated for PhD candidates or young PhDs. The seminars will be continued in 2022 and more information on past events is here: http://nomaten.ncbj.gov.pl/events

This first edition of the NOMATEN School programme has been deliberately organized physically in Paris – thanks to a slow down of the COVID-19 crisis in France, however with a reduced number of participants in order to fulfil restrictive criteria. Nevertheless,  about 50 people from Poland, Finland and France attended the School. The topic of this year's school was "Modelling of the materials behaviour under irradiation". Lasting 4 days, the school included a session (1st day) dedicated to reminders and/or upgrades in the form of courses given by experts from CEA and VTT mainly but also from NOMATEN CoE. A second session (2nd & 3rd days) was dedicated to scientific communications from CEA, VTT and NOMATEN/NCBJ researchers. The final chapter of the event was a study visits at selected CEA-Saclay Nuclear Centre facilities.

More: http://nomaten.ncbj.gov.pl/nomaten-winter-school-2021-paris-november-16-19-hosted-cea


Iwona Jozwik at SEM lab


12 research papers in top periodics

NOMATEN researchers published 12 research papers in top rated scientific periodics in 2021. Thanks to all 5 research groups performing their activities in full swing, the papers cover most of the crucial scientific challenges within NOMATEN’s agenda.

F. J. Dominguez-Gutierrez, J. Byggmästar, K. Nordlund, F. Djurabekova, U. von Toussaint

Computational study of crystal defects formation in Mo by machine learned molecular dynamics simulations

Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 202



M. Alava

Crossover of Failure Time Distributions in a Model of Time-Dependent Fracture

Frontiers in Physics, Volume 9, 2021



L. Nowicki, J. Jagielski, C. Mieszczyński, K. Skrobas, P. Jóźwik, O. Dorosha

McChasy2: new Monte Carlo RBS/C simulation code designed for use with large crystalline structures

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B vol 498, pp 9-14



M. Kalinowska, E. Gołębiewska, L. Mazur, H. Lewandowska, M. Pruszyński, G. Świderski, M. Wyrwas, N. Pawluczuk, W. Lewandowski

Crystal structure, spectroscopic characterization, antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of new Mg(II) and Mn(II)/Na(I) complexes of isoferulic acid

Materials 2021, 14, 3236



F. J. Dominguez, S. Papanikolaou, A. Esfandiarpour, P. Sobkowicz, M. Alava

Nanoindentation of single crystaline Mo: Atomistic defect nucleation and hermomechanical stability

Materials Science & Engineering A, 826 (2021)



S. Papanikolaou, M. Alava

Direct detection of plasticity onset through total-strain profile evolution

Physical Review Materials, 5, 083602



Rong-Guang Xu, Hengxu Song, Yongsheng Leng, Stefanos Papanikolaou

A Molecular Dynamics Simulations Study of the Influence of Presrain on the Pop-In Behavior and Indentation Size Effect in Cu Single Crystals

Materials 2021, 14, 5220



Karol Frydrych, Kamran Karimi, Michał Pecelerowicz, Rene Alvarez, F. J. Dominguez - Gutierrez, Fabrizio Rovaris, Stefanos Papanikolaou

Materials Informatics for Mechanical Deformation: A Review of Applications and Challenges

Materials 2021, 14, 5764



Monika Kalinowska, Hanna Lewandowska, Marek Pruszyński, Grzegorz Świderski, Ewelina Gołębiewska, Kamila Gryko, Julia Braun, Monika Borkowska, Magda Konieczna, Włodzimierz Lewandowski

Co(II) Complex of Quercetin–Spectral, Anti‐/Pro‐Oxidant and Cytotoxic Activity in HaCaT Cell Lines

Applied Sciences 2021,11(19)



Valery Radchenko, Alfred Morgenstern, Amir R. Jalilian, Caterina F. Ramogida, Cathy Cutler, Charlotte Duchemin, Cornelia Hoehr, Ferrid Haddad, Frank Bruchertseifer, Haavar Gausemel, Hua Yang, Joao Alberto Osso, Kohshin Washiyama, Kenneth Czerwinski, Kirsten Leufgen, Marek Pruszyński, Olga Valzdorf, Patrick Causey, Paul Schaffer, Randy Perron, Samsonov Maxim, D. Scott Wilbur, Thierry Stora, Yawen Li

Production and Supply of a-Particle–Emitting Radionuclides ½AQ1 for Targeted a-Therapy

THE JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Vol. 62 No. 11 November 2021

accepted for publication


Rofiques Salehin, Rong-Guang Xu, Stefanos Papanikolaou

Colloidal Shear-Thickening Fluids Using Variable Functional Star-Shaped Particles: A Molecular Dynamics Study

Access Materials 2021, 14(22), 6867



F. J. Dominguez - Gutierrez

Temperature effects on the point defects formation in [111] W by neutron induced collision cascade

Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B




Iwona Jozwik at SEM lab
NOMATEN Winter School in Paris