NOMATEN ONLINE-SEMINAR April 4: The varied landscape of the therapeutic antibodies




Tuesday, APRIL 4th  2023 13:00 CET

The varied landscape of the therapeutic antibodies

CEA / Institut des sciences du vivant Frédéric Joliot / DMTS (Medicines and Healthcare Technologies) /
SIMOS (Molecular engineering of proteins Unit).



Antibodies are proteins naturally produced by the immune system to protect us from infection by pathogens. Their main characteristic is their selectivity for their target, which is harnessed to produce new drugs. They are naturally generated in the body and this process is reproduced by different ways in the laboratories. They exhibit multiple properties thanks the different formats they adopt and are used to treat a large range of diseases such as inflammatory and infectious diseases, oncology, and hematology but not only…



Bernard Maillere is Director of Research and currently head of the laboratory of cellular immunology and biotechnology at Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) a French Governmental research Institute. He is head of the section of immunology of the doctoral school “therapeutic innovation” of the University of Paris-Saclay. Bernard Maillere holds a master degree in biochemistry in 1987 and a PhD in immunology in 1992, both from AgroParisTech (Paris, France). He has a long lasting expertise in T cell response to multiple antigens (allergens, virus, bacteria, tumors) with a main focus on T cell epitope discovery and HLA peptide interaction. His current research focuses on the prediction of immunogenicity and the identification of T cell epitopes in humans with the perspectives of developing safe therapeutic proteins and antibodies. Since 2016, he extended the expertise of his laboratory to antibody engineering by the implementation of the Yeast Surface Display. Bernard Maillere’s lab received the financial support from FP6, IMI (3 grants), ITN, NIH (3 grants), INCA, ANRS and ANR (3 grants). He is cofounder of the companies ImmuPharma, Vaxeal and recently Deeptope, a company specialized in the antibody engineering.