NOMATEN ONLINE-SEMINAR June 6: Antibody-based radiopharmaceuticals




Tuesday, JUNE 6th  2023 13:00 CET

Antibody-based radiopharmaceuticals.

Dr. Charles TRUILLET
CEA / Institut des sciences du vivant Frédéric Joliot / SHFJ (Service hospitalier Frédéric Joliot) / BIOMAPS, France.



Antibody-based radiolabeled molecules to in vivo diagnose, follow and predict the tumor evolution and associated treatment efficacy (diagnosis, imaging purposes) and to kill tumor cells with the association of tumoricidal isotope (treatment). Antibodies and its derivatives as diagnostic tools or as therapeutic platforms if associated with specific radioisotope, or as a theranostic platforms by associating both aspects (diagnostic, treatment).


Charles Truillet (PhD, HDR) is an experienced chemical biologist with a deep interest and knowledge in theranostic strategy. The overall goal of his research is to develop new theranostic methodologies for the detection and treatment of cancer, with a principal emphasis on the relation between the immune system and tumor cells. I received my PhD in nanosciences for biomedical application in 2013. During this graduate work at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, he has largely contributed to the development and characterization of a new ultrasmall nanoplatform (termed AGuIX) that was transfered into clinical application as a radio-enhancer agent for radiotherapy (currently in phase 3). In 2014, Charles gas joined the Evans’s lab as a post-doc at UCSF (University of California San Francisco) looking to build upon his training by focusing more systematically on the biology of important tumor signaling pathway drivers that regulate the uptake of imaging agents. He was the first to measure PD-L1 expression in vivo thanks to an innovative radiolabeled antibody in preclinical model. He has accepted a faculty position as a CEA researcher in the field of molecular imaging research in 2017. The purpose of this position was to build a group focused on imaging the immune system and the tumor cells. He is currently leading the ONCO group (6 researchers and 4 technicians) from BioMaps in the thematic of immunoPET imaging, gathering ligand based-antibody and PET imaging. He successfully transferred several preclinical ligands and methods, from preclinical to clinical applications. His research topics include a strong collaboration between biologists, pharmacologists, physicists, chemists and clinicians. Charles Truillet received several funding supports from INCA and ANR.


Dr. Charles TRUILLET

Dr. Charles TRUILLET