NOMATEN Scientific Workshop at NCBJ, Poland

15.05.2018 to 17.05.2018

The representatives of the NOMATEN Project Partners (NCBJ, CEA and VTT) along with invited guests participated in the NOMATEN Scientific Workshop hosted by NCBJ on May 15 – 17, 2018. The presented talks covered topics related to material synthesis and measurements, radiation damage in materials, molecular dynamics simulations in application to modelization of radiation damage in materials, modelling of functional properties of materials as well as synthesis, investigation and application of radiopharmaceuticals.

The meeting was also a perfect opportunity to discuss a long term research strategy of the CoE, future involvement of the scientist in the Research Groups activities, as well as define the common topics of interest of the three participating Institutions that are willing to cooperate within the NOMATEN Centre of Excellence. A substantial part of discussion was devoted to identification of the near-future activities and establishment of the bussiness plan which has to assume a close cooperation of CoE with the industry, and optimal use of research infrastructure and experience of the funding institutions.

As of right now, the extensive works on preparation of the project documentation are in progress. The outcome will be subjected to the evealuation during the second phase of the competition Teaming for Excellence in autumn.