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Cooperation between NCBJ (NOMATEN's home institution) and Synthos Green Energy in the area of ​​new generation nuclear reactors

08 February 2022

On February 4, 2022, the National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) and Synthos Green Energy SA (SGE) signed a letter of intent on cooperation in the use of nuclear technology in industry and energy. The planned cooperation is related to the implementation by SGE of projects related to the construction of small modular light-water reactors (LW-SMR) for the production of electricity and possibly municipal heat and the construction of small modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGR). The latter would be oriented towards cogeneration, i. e. industrial heat generation and hydrogen production.

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NOMATEN and National Centre for Nuclear Research established research cooperation with Mercedes Benz

02 February 2022

NOMATEN Centre of Excellence, will perform the scientific expertise in the field of materials research for Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Poland that runs the engines and batteries plant in Jawor. This research will be focused on materials issues concerning the tools for engine’s mechanical processing. Director Thomas Kaiser - production,  maintenance and facility manager at Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Poland - joined NOMATEN’s Industrial Advisors Network.

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NOMATEN Seminar on FEB 8: Functional Data Analysis of DNA Molecular Dynamics

01 February 2022

Prof.  Dr. Victor Panaretos from Écolepolytechniquefédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) will be our guest at next NOMATEN Seminar on Tuesday FEBRUARY 8th at 1PM CET.

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Special seminars on hadron therapy in Kutaisi International University and EU4Digital Programme

24 January 2022

Prof. Revaz Shanidze and prof. Ramaz Kvatadze from Georgia will give two special lectures at NOMATEN and Poland's National Centre for Nuclear Research on Friday, January 28.

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Intercultural awareness and team communication trainings for NOMATEN's scientists

21 January 2022

Multinational NOMATEN team will take part in dedicated training on intercultural communication and team building. This is a part of the excellence approach in the field of human resources at NOMATEN.

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NOMATEN Seminar on JAN 25: Nanoindentation techniques for the microstructure vs. mechanical property correlation of virgin and irradiated materials

19 January 2022

Peter Hähner PhD from JRC and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate (Netherlands) will be our guest at next NOMATEN Seminar on Tuesday JANUARY 25 at 1PM CET.

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JUNIOR SEMINAR: Mechanical and electrical properties of polymer materials exposed to ionizing radiation

17 January 2022

Anna Kosińska, scientist at NOMATEN's Materials Characterization Research Group, will give a presentation at our JUNIOR SEMINAR on January 18th: Mechanical and electrical properties of polymer materials exposed to ionizing radiation.

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NOMATEN SEMINAR: Elucidating Three-Dimensional Microstructural Evolution in Neutron Irradiated HT-UPS Steel

05 January 2022

Sri Tapaswi Nori PhD (Functional Properties Research Group at NOMATEN) will give an online lecture Elucidating Three-Dimensional Microstructural Evolution in Neutron Irradiated HT-UPS Steel on Tuesday JAN 11 2022.

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NOMATEN started a Twitter account. Follow us @NOMATEN_NCBJ

05 January 2022

In order to reach new people with our communication, we set up NOMATEN's Twitter account. Follow @NOMATEN_NCBJ and don't forget our LinkedIN profile!

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2021 in numbers: 19 new hires, 26 scientific events, 12 papers in top periodics

04 January 2022

The Center of Excellence has now become an actual center, with 5 research groups in action. The second year of our existence has been one of quick growth in spite of the global pandemic crisis, which has affected research very much. The lack of international mobility and exchanges has so to speak been substituted with hard work in the offices and laboratories. For NOMATEN, this is a well-working recipe as the steps to build up a real research environment do depend on the individual and joint effort of our staff.

We should also acknowledge the institutional support of the National Center for Nuclear Research, hosting us as an operationally independent department. Likewise, the Teaming partners CEA (France) and VTT (Finland) have been – however virtual – supportive and encouraging external “team members”. The CoE is firmly backed by the funding of the Foundation for Polish Science and is under the umbrella of an International Scientific Committee headed by prof. Sergio Bertolucci.

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