Preludium NCN E. Wyszkowska

MSc. Eng, Edyta Wyszkowska

MSc. Eng, Edyta Wyszkowska is the Principal Investigator of the National Science Centre (NCN) grant PRELUDIUM 21, Impact of radiation damage on the structural and mechanical properties of fcc NiFex single crystal alloys. Materials planned to be used as components of the future fission and fusion reactors should be carefully selected due to the harsh operational conditions of these devices. Despite broad studies and advancements in material characterization, multiple irradiation phenomena, such as swelling, embrittlement, and defect aggregation zones, require careful understanding. Developing new high-performance materials that can withstand such hostile conditions is critical for advanced fission and fusion reactor systems. In addition, the demanding environment of future nuclear power systems will require improved irradiation resistance and high-temperature mechanical performance from the component materials. An accurate understanding of the mechanical properties at elevated temperatures is vital for all these applications to ensure safe operation. Due to this reason, the development of new materials with superior mechanical properties (especially at high temperatures) and radiation resistance is a significant concern. This forms the primary motivation of the proposed work, where the evolution of functional properties of newly developed fcc NiFex single crystal alloys will be studied under extreme conditions (high temperature and ion irradiation). The projecxt will answer major research questions related to such materials: 1) What are the types of defects created during irradiation?; 2) What are the sizes, density, and distribution of the defects in fcc NiFex single crystals?; 3) How does the defect evolution/migration occur with varying irradiation fluences and concentration of Fe; 4) How do various defect microstructures impact the mechanical properties?; 5) What is the impact of varying Fe concentration and irradiation fluences on mechanical properties of Ni and NiFex single crystals?; 6) What is the mechanical response of pristine and irradiated NiFex single crystals at elevated temperatures?