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Visit to companies in Pomerania

21 March 2024

The CoE NOMATEN team (NCBJ + VTT) on March 13-15, 2024 visited companies in the Gdańsk Pomerania region that implement numerous energy projects, including nuclear energy, solutions in the field of renewable energy sources and a sustainable energy system in the country and in Europe. Another on-site visit of CoE NOMATEN directly to production plants was aimed at presenting the research and design capabilities of the NOMATEN Center and encouraging companies to implement joint research and implementation projects in the field of energy solutions and material technologies.

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR, MARCH 19th, Microstructure stability of compositionally complex materials under extreme environment: Predictive modelling and experimental validation

11 March 2024

Microstructural stability of multi-component systems under extreme environment represents one of most challenging issues not only in multi-scale materials modelling but also for developing reliable and advanced engineering components for nuclear material applications. Recently, compositionally complex alloys (CCAs) are designed as novel radiation-resistant materials for future fusion power plants while...

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NOMRad – NOMATEN International Radiopharmaceutical Conference

05 March 2024

NOMATEN Centre of Excellence located at the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) invites you to save the date and make plans to join us for the International Radiopharmaceutical Conference NOMRad which will be held June 25 - 27, 2024 at the Novotel hotel located in the city center of Warsaw. NOMRad Conference is organized in the frame of project granted by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) under Welcome to Poland programme, as well as the NOMATEN Teaming Coordination and Support action.

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NOMATEN ONLINE-SEMINAR March 5: Click and bioorthogonal chemistries for health

27 February 2024

The development of chemical reactions that can be performed in living systems (i.e. cells, model organisms) has long held unique fascination in the field of chemical biology. A bio-orthogonal reaction is characterized by the reaction of two functionalities, which will react under mild physiological conditions and are inert towards the biological environment.

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CoE NOMATEN Scientific Workshop on Materials for Energy and Aerospace Applications

26 February 2024

CoE NOMATEN continues to implement scientific workshops in the field of advanced materials. This time, together with Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, we will implement a workshop and meeting on research of materials used in the energy industry and aerospace sector at which we will discuss joint research, technological and infrastructural opportunities in this area. One of the goals of the meeting will also be to discuss joint R&D activities and projects for the development of the energy sector in Poland. CoE NOMATEN and NCBJ will present their research infrastructure, which will be used in cooperation between our Institutes.

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NOMATEN ONLINE-SEMINAR February 20: Efficient discovery of ultra-strong high-entropy alloys by mechanistic theory of yield strength

12 February 2024

Body-centered-cubic (BCC) high entropy alloys show exceptional strengths up to 1900K [1]. Fundamental understanding of the mechanisms that control strengthening is necessary to formulate a theory that enables screening over the immense compositional HEA space [2]. Supported by experimental findings in NbTaTiV and CrMoNbV alloys [3], we show with theory [4] that edge dislocations can

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NOMATEN ONLINE-SEMINAR February 6: How to model microstructure in FeCr under and out of irradiation: a phase field approach

01 February 2024

Faced with major societal challenges (ecological crisis, energy crisis), it is essential to better understand the behaviour of materials in order to improve the lifespan of nuclear reactors as well as their safety. The properties of materials are... 

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NOMATEN Suppliers Day

12 January 2024

CoE NOMATEN 2024 started with a workshop with industrial companies, where the Centre's competencies and research capabilities were discussed and the research infrastructure at NOMATEN was presented. One of the objectives of the meeting was also to discuss the possibility of cooperation with companies in the modernisation of the MARIA research reactor at the NCBJ and conducting joint research and projects for the development of the energy sector in Poland.

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR, JANUARY 9th, The application of flow cells and computational fluid dynamics for improved corrosion and electrochemical analysis

27 December 2023

Hydrodynamics can play a critical role in the degradation of materials, often defining the rates and mechanisms by which metals corrode. To improve the understanding of the relationship between fluid flow and corrosion, precise and well characterised experimental techniques are required. The application...

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR, DECEMBER 19th, Atom Probe Tomography Studies of Nuclear Materials

08 December 2023

Atom probe tomography (APT) is a unique analysis technique providing chemical analysis with near atomic resolution in 3D. Here, recent APT research on nuclear materials performed at Chalmers University will be presented. Zirconium alloys are used as fuel claddings in nuclear reactors and undergo degradation due to corrosion, hydrogen pick-up and irradiation damage. Using APT...

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