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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR, SEPTEMBER 26th, About the formation of vacancy clusters in fcc metals: an atomistic approach

18 September 2023

Vacancy clusters have a major contribution in multiple mechanisms as oxidation, precipitation and creep and can lead to material premature cracking. It is thus essential to have a deep understanding of the stability of these defects under a wide range of stress and temperature. Multiple factors...

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR June 13: Density functional simulations of threshold switching in non-volatile memory materials

09 June 2023

We have performed density functional/molecular dynamics (DF/MD) simulations to investigate the drift of Ag atoms in an amorphous GeS2 solid-state electrolyte between Ag and Pt electrodes in the presence of a finite electric field [1]. The atomistic model structure represents a conductive bridging random access memory (CBRAM) device, where the electric field...

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Over 120 people attended NOMATEN Innovation Days

01 June 2023

The NOMATEN Innovation Days aimed at engaging in a dialogue with industry representatives and understanding their needs concerning collaborative projects with the scientific sector. The conference featured panels and inspiring lectures promoting research and development cooperation, as well as sessions related to material research in various applications, such as the chemical, energy, automotive, and metallurgical industries, among other areas of expertise, including industrial radiography and nuclear techniques for engineering applications.

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR June 7: Twistronics: a new platform for exploring physics and applications in 2D

25 May 2023

When layers of two-dimensional (2D) materials are stacked on top of each with a relative twist, the resulting reconstruction pattern ("moiré pattern") dominates the electronic behavior. Depending on the twist angle, the moiré scale can be several orders of magnitude larger than the scale of the underlying atomic lattices, and the lead to emergent behavior, including superconductivity. This field of physics in 2D materials...

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR May 23: IDEAS NCBR – a place where AI-related business and science come together. SEMINAR POSTPONED.

17 May 2023

New research program in AI - IDEAS NCBR – has been launched. This center will become a discussion platform between academia and business. It aims at providing a high-quality working environment by creating interesting employment conditions and leading mentoring program. IDEAS NCBR supports researchers to...

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR May 30: Austenitic HEA/MPEA : from the Cantor alloy to precipitation hardened Co-free alloys with optimised mechanical resistance

27 March 2023

For nearly twenty years now, the academic – and increasingly industrial – world has been interested in new classes of metallic alloys. HEA (high entropy alloys), which are concentrated, single-phase alloys based on several metallic elements and whose Cantor alloy (Co20Cr20Fe20Mn20Ni20) is the archetype, were quickly supplemented by multiphase alloys, CCA (complex concentrated alloys) or MPEA (multi principal elements alloys) in which secondary phases bring improvements in properties.

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NOMATEN ONLINE-SEMINAR March 28: Nuclearization of atom probe tomography and the workflow analysis: Atomic-scale characterization of neutron irradiated materials.

10 March 2023

Atom Probe Tomography (APT) enables access to compositional, morphological and structural information from microstructural features at the atomic scale. This information is especially important on neutron-irradiated material to characterize chemical composition variations around...

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NOMATEN HYBRID-SEMINAR March 21: Study of He and Li diffusion in B4C – Role of damage

10 March 2023

In the context of fast neutron reactors, boron carbide is a ceramic material with excellent properties for controlling nuclear reactor power. Thanks to its high absorption cross sections of 10B, this material provides an excellent neutron absorber. As a consequence of the 10B(n,α) nuclear reactions, significant quantities...

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