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2021 in numbers: 19 new hires, 26 scientific events, 12 papers in top periodics

04 January 2022

The Center of Excellence has now become an actual center, with 5 research groups in action. The second year of our existence has been one of quick growth in spite of the global pandemic crisis, which has affected research very much. The lack of international mobility and exchanges has so to speak been substituted with hard work in the offices and laboratories. For NOMATEN, this is a well-working recipe as the steps to build up a real research environment do depend on the individual and joint effort of our staff.

We should also acknowledge the institutional support of the National Center for Nuclear Research, hosting us as an operationally independent department. Likewise, the Teaming partners CEA (France) and VTT (Finland) have been – however virtual – supportive and encouraging external “team members”. The CoE is firmly backed by the funding of the Foundation for Polish Science and is under the umbrella of an International Scientific Committee headed by prof. Sergio Bertolucci.

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JUNIOR SEMINAR: Corrosion resistance of modern Ti-based materials for long-lasting biomedical applications on DEC 14 at 1PM (13.00)

10 December 2021

Commercially pure titanium (CP-Ti) is one of the most widely used metallic material for biomedical applications owing to its unique combination of relatively low stiffness, biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance in the body fluids.

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SPECIAL SEMINAR by prof. Dierk Raabe on Tuesday DECEMBER 7 2021 at 1PM (CET): The Materials Science of Sustainable Metallurgy

01 December 2021

At the end of the year we are happy to announce prof. Dierk Raabe from Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung as a special guest at our seminar! The topic of his presentation is "The Materials Science of Sustainable Metallurgy".

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New job offers at NOMATEN: opportunities for postdocs, PhD candidates and specialists (deadline: December 14 2021)

29 November 2021

NOMATEN is looking for talented scientists in the areas of corrosion, advanced multifunctional materials science and novel radiopharmaceuticals.

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JUNIOR SEMINAR: Radiation Damage and D retention in tungsten irradiated by different ions on NOV 30 at 1PM (13.00)

26 November 2021

Tungsten is a promising candidate material for the wall of a future fusion reactor due to its low erosion yield and low hydrogen solubility. However, fusion neutron irradiation will induce radiation defects in the material which can strongly increase hydrogen retention. Therefore, it is important to study the mechanism of defect creation and its influence on hydrogen retention in tungsten.

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NOMATEN WINTER SCHOOL 2021 (Paris, November 16-19) hosted by CEA

23 November 2021

About 50 scientists from Poland, Finland and France attended NOMATEN Winter School hosted by CEA in Paris on November 16-19. While sessions have been hosted at the venue in the centre of Paris, School's attendees visited CEA-Saclay Nuclear Centre infrastructure at the last day of the event. The topic of this year's school was "Modelling of the materials behaviour under irradiation".

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NOMATEN Seminar finally in a hybrid mode (NOV 23 at 1PM): Studying high entropy alloys with positron annihilation spectroscopy: opportunities and challenges

16 November 2021

Filip Tuomisto from University of Helsinki will give a presentation on studying high entropy alloys with positron annihilation spectroscopy, opportunities and challenges.

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NOMATEN SEMINAR on NOV 9 at 1PM (13:00 CET): Targeted molecular imaging: the path to smarter patient stratification and personalized treatment

08 November 2021

On November 9 2021 Ms Gabriela Kramer-Marek PhD from the Institute of Cancer Research (UK) will give a lecture on targeted molecular imaging: the path to smarter patient stratification and personalized treatment

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New laboratories at NOMATEN: X-Ray Diffractometer and Scanning Electron Microscope

04 November 2021

NOMATEN received two crucial research devices in 2021 – the X-Ray Diffractometer and Scanning Electron Microscope that help Materials Characterization and Functional Properties of Materials groups perform their research. 

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JUNIOR SEMINAR: Studying precipitation in Al alloys with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) on NOV 2 at 1PM (13.00 CET)

02 November 2021

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a powerful and versatile tool for characterizing materials at the micro- and nanoscale. Its strength lies in its sub-nanometer resolution and the possibility of detecting multiple, complementary signals simultaneously from the same region. Elisabeth Thronsen, Department of Physics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 

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