Legislative requirements for European Citizens

Scientists coming from EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland with a valid travel document (ID or passport) may stay and work freely in Poland for an uninterrupted period of max. 3 months, without any registration. After the period of 3 months they need to register and obtain the right of residence.  The Hospitality Manager will assist you with completing and submitting the application and other required documents.

Residence registration procedure

The registration procedure is easy and free of charge. The application form required for the residence registration should be submitted in person to the voivode -  Masovian Voivodship Office  (Urząd Wojewódzki) not later than the next business day after the expiration of 3 months period starting from the date of entering the territory of the Republic of Poland. However, it is highly recommended to apply much earlier due to currently prolonged procedures.

You need to submit the following documents:

  • 1 copy of the application form for stay registration: application form for residence registration of a EU citizen (click here);
  • 1 copy of valid travel document - ID or passport, or other valid document confirming identity and citizenship (1 copy of all saved pages, original document available on request),
  • employment contract or employment certificate issued by the employer (original document available on request),

For more information about the residence registration of an EU citizen and application forms go to:


Citizens of the EU with families

Family members who are EU citizens and their stay lasts longer than 3 months, are also required to register their stay.  A family member who is not an EU citizen is required to obtain a residence card  of an EU citizen’s family member. In both cases, additional documents confirming the relationship must be submitted (Polish sworn translation). The requirement of personal submission does not apply to minors. The Hospitality Manager will assist you with completing and submitting the application, as well as other required documents.

A family member of an EU citizen should be understood  as an alien being or not being a citizen of the EU: a spouse of an EU citizen and children.

For more information about registration and legalization of your family member’s stay please go to: