Registration in the Municipal/District Office

This is an obligatory registration (in Polish called “meldunek”) not only for foreigners but also for Polish citizens.

When registered in the relevant municipal/district office with your place of residence, you will automatically be assigned with a PESEL number (personal identification number).
The number starts with your date of birth and serves for common identification purposes. It is required, for example, for your annual tax declaration. It can also be helpful when you want to use medical services or borrow a book from a library.
The procedure is free of charge, however, a written confirmation costs PLN 17, and the number is issued within several days from the date of registration of the application.
To get a temporary stay application form click here:
Application and declaration forms are also available at the municipal authority’s population registration department.

If you cannot register your residence, you can obtain your PESEL registering at the Municipal and Communal Office using your employer’s address.
Click here to get the:
application for the assigning of a PESEL Number – download 

Citizens of EU countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland must register in the place of their temporary stay no later than on the 30thday after their arrival.

Citizens of pending countries must register at the place of their temporary stay at latest on the 4th day after arrival.

For registration you will need:

  1. your passport or ID card,
  2. visa or residence card,
  3. flat/apartment/house lease contract or hotel/dormitory reservation document,
  4. registration form (signed by an authorized person from the hotel/dormitory) or an application for assigning PESEL,
  5. for family members - additionally a document confirming family ties (translated into Polish by a sworn translator).

The Hospitality Manager will assist you with completing and submitting the application and declaration forms.

For more information on registration procedure and for application and declaration forms go to: