Healthcare and insurance

NFZ is the public health insurance institution responsible for the management of public funds for healthcare.

Persons working in Poland on the basis of an employment contract, regardless of their nationality, are subjected to compulsory health insurance. The employer fulfils this obligation. All resulting insurance payments are paid by the employer. Health insurance contribution is subtracted from your salary each month. This system guarantees free access to NFZ medical services.

In order to visit a General Practitioner (GP/Family Doctor) you need to register at one of NFZ clinics, preferably near your place of residence. You should present your ID/passport and PESEL. If you need an appointment with a specialist, you must visit a GP to obtain a referral. The Hospitality Manager will assist you with the registration.

In Poland, an insured employee has an obligation to report their family members to be covered by the health insurance under the employment contract, provided that the family member is not insured elsewhere. The family members are children and spouses, as well as parents and grandparents on condition that they share a household with the employee. In order to register your family members, you need to provide their personal data to your employer. If your employer changes, you have to report your family members to the new employer.

The National Medical Rescue System provides aid in the event of emergency. In order to call an ambulance dial 999, accessible throughout the country, or a general emergency number 112. You can also go directly to the emergency department (SOR) in the nearest hospital.

Besides obligatory NFZ health insurance you may buy an additional package of private healthcare services. Numerous private insurance companies offer various customized insurance policies. The scope of the private services depends on the policy you buy and on the contract you sign.  More advanced services, e.g. more extensive dental healthcare package, maternity care and delivery, surgeries or hospitalization, are of course more expensive.

Some of private healthcare providers:

If you plan to visit another EU country you should apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ) which is free of charge and qualifies to free healthcare services abroad.
It is advisable to get a card in advance. Here you will find out how to do it:

An application form for the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ):

More information on healthcare and  insurance, emergencies, medical services is available on:

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State health care e-services:; phone connection with a consultant (also in English): 800 190 590

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