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We are hiring: jop opportunities for AI/ML Expert and Desktop Application Developer

19 August 2021

NOMATEN plans to develop in-house functional programs and applications. We will build a software platform to facilitate data-driven methods of analyzing and predicting materials properties. Therefore, we are looking for:
- Application Developer
- Expert on artificial intelligence and machine learning to use and combine existing code, functional programs and applications, using Python, Numba and Tensorflow or Keras libraries

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16 papers in top periodics by NOMATEN's researchers since August 2019

30 July 2021

In two years, since August 2019, NOMATEN's scientists published 16 papers within the most prestigious perdiodic. It means more than one paper per two months, however, a year ago on August 2020 our team consisted of less than 10 researchers. Today over 25 scientists work for NOMATEN and new hires are being planned till the end of 2021.

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NOMATEN develops software for better understanding of microscopy images of materials under extreme conditions

07 July 2021

Large Data is common across materials science. Cross-correlating and understanding data from material surfaces is very important since there is typically a direct connection to physical properties. Also, it is very important to use this data to reconstruct the actual microstructure and perform simulations in a computer at the molecular or larger scale. However, understanding of Large Data requires the application of statistical and machine learning techniques. Further, simulations require efficient microstructural reconstruction techniques. Stefanos Papanikolaou's group at NOMATEN investigates such issues.

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NOMATEN Teaming for Excellence grant as a success story at National Centre for Research and Development event

28 June 2021

MONDAY June 28th 2021 at 10AM CET


Moreover, the European Commission and NCBIR's delegates will answer your questions at the Q&A session devoted to the future of HORIZON and WIDENING.

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NOMATEN examines metal glass and alloys with high entropy

23 June 2021

The NOMATEN group of scien­ti­sts is looking for con­fi­gu­ra­tio­nal entropy and glass trans­i­tion rela­tion­ships in high-entropy alloys (HEA) using dyna­mic simu­la­tions at the mole­cu­lar level. Dr. Rene Alva­rez-Donado pre­sen­ted some of his team’s results in Janu­ary at the web con­fe­rence „Recent advan­ces on the glass pro­blem” orga­ni­zed by the Cen­ter Euro­péen de Cal­cul Ato­mi­que et Molécu­la­ire (CECAM).

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NOMATEN online seminar on June 15th: Possible applications of Additive Manufacturing (AM, and, principally, Laser Additive Manufacturing, LAM) and the potentialities of High Entropy Alloys in the nuclear field

10 June 2021

NOMATEN seminar by CEA on June 15th at 1.00PM: Possible applications of Additive Manufacturing (AM, and, principally, Laser Additive Manufacturing, LAM) and the potentialities of High Entropy Alloys in the nuclear field ☢️

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NOMATEN Seminar on May 18 2021 at 1PM CET: High-entropy alloys with ultra-high strength and large deformability

13 May 2021
Dr. Chang Liu from the Department of Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, will be our guest at the next NOMATEN's seminar.


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NOMATEN ONLINE SEMINAR APRIL 20 at 1:00 PM: Raman spectroscopic studies of Polymer Derived Ceramics in the form of protective coatings for SOFCs’ interconnects

14 April 2021

Mr Maciej Bik, a promising young researcher from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, will be a speaker in our next online seminar. 

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NOMATEN ONLINE SEMINAR: Materials  sintering  and  consolidation  methods

01 April 2021

On April 6th at 1PM GMT+1 NOMATEN will host an online seminar on the methods of materials sintering and consolidation. The speaker is Marcin Chmielewski PhD DSc from the Warsaw University of Technology.

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17 March 2021

Thomas Schwarz-Selinger PhD from Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik will be our next guest as a speaker in the NOMATEN's online seminar on March 23 at 1PM GMT+1

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